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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.

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BetterBitcoin is a subreddit for news, discussion and jokes about the currency of the internet (or the internet of currency): Bitcoin.

How do you use bitcoin to make online payments?

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How do you use bitcoin to make online payments?

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How do you use bitcoin to make online payments?

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How do you use bitcoin?

So i created a wallet. Is there no login or whatsoever? How do i send people money? Or receive money? How do i login to my account with another device?
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How do you use Bitcoin and Python?

To get started with Bitcoin using Python, we need,
Setup your Computer:
Install Python
Download and install python from http://www.python.org/
Install bitcoin python library
After you finish installing Python, open your command line program and execute below command to install bitcoin python library
pip install bitcoin
Hello Bitcoin — Generate a Private key
We will start with a writing a “Hello World” equivalent of Bitcoin in Python. To write your python, you can need a code or text editor which supports writing in ASCII format. You cannot use MS Word of Wordpad for this. You could use Notepad, but we recommend using Atom Code Editor, a free code editor.
Open your favorite editor and type in below code. In this code, we are first importing the bitcoin library. We are then generating a private key using random_key function and we are then displaying the private key on the screen.
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key = random_key()print(my_private_key)Save it as a .py file and then open your command line program and run the above program like this.python
This will print out a private key.
Generate a Public Key
Next we generate a public key. We do this by passing the private key we generated to privtopub function
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key = random_key()my_public_key = privtopub(my_private_key)print(my_public_key
Create a bitcoin address
In the previous programs we generated private and public keys. Now, we are going to real bitcoin part. In the below code, we are generating a bitcoin address by passing the public key we generated to pubtoaddr function.
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key = random_key()my_public_key = privtopub(my_private_key)my_bitcoin_address = pubtoaddr(my_public_key)print(addr)
Create a Multi-signature Address
Next, we create a multi-signature bitcoin address. Multi-signature address is an address that is associated with more than one private key. So, we first create 3 public and private keys. We then create a multi-sig by passing the 3 public keys to mk_multisig_script function. Finally, the resulting multi-sig is passed to scriptaddr function to create the multi signature bitcoin address.
  1. from bitcoin import *my_private_key1 = random_key()print(‘Private Key 1: ‘ + my_private_key1)my_public_key1 = privtopub(my_private_key1)print(‘Public Key 1: ‘ + my_public_key1)my_private_key2 = random_key()print(‘Private Key 2: ‘ + my_private_key2)my_public_key2 = privtopub(my_private_key2)print(‘Public Key 2: ‘ + my_public_key2)my_private_key3 = random_key()print(‘Private Key 3: ‘ + my_private_key3)my_public_key3 = privtopub(my_private_key3)print(‘Public Key 3: ‘ + my_public_key3)my_multi_sig = mk_multisig_script(my_private_key1, my_private_key2, my_private_key3, 2,3)my_multi_address = scriptaddr(my_multi_sig)print(‘Multi-Address: ‘ + my_multi_address)
View address transaction history
We can also look at pre-existing bitcoin addresses’ transactional history. We do this passing a valid bitcoin address to function history.
  1. from bitcoin import *print(history(a_vaid_bitcoin_address))
If you don’t have an address, you can look one up from Blockchain.
In this tutorial, we introduced bitcoin with python. We saw how to get set up with python for bitcoin. We saw how to generate a private key, public key, and a bitcoin address. We also saw how to create a multi-signature bitcoin address and how to look at the transactional history of a bitcoin address.
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How Do You Use Bitcoin At An Online Casino?

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How do you use Bitcoin?

Hello! At muun we are working on a new bitcoin wallet, and we are analyzing the wallet market in order to give you the best experience. Can you give us a hand?
What have you used bitcoin for in the last 6 months?
1.- Online purchases
2.- On-site purchases
3.- Payments to friends, relatives, acquaintances
4.- Trading
5.- Savings or holding
6.- As a way to buy other cryptocurrencies
7.- Payments on Tor
8.- Online service payments (hosting, vpn, etc.)
9.- Bill payments
10.- Get paid salary
11.- Pay virus rescue (cryptolocker)
12.- Online gambling
13.- Money transfer to family abroad
You can answer in the comments (“1,2,5”), or if you prefer to do it anonymously here https://goo.gl/forms/A9jDocTIC4SNZsSv2
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How do you use Bitcoin more as a currency?

Noob here. I was wondering with the volatility and recent price increases (to the moon), does Bitcoin only work as a currency if it stabilizes?
For example, I've been reading that some have gotten landlords to take BTC for rent, but are you paying the USD equivalent in BTC or did you work out a fixed BTC amount?
Is BTC ever meant to be a standalone currency or will it always rely on the price equivalent of another?
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How do you use bitcoin?

I'm a newbie. Is this legit currency?
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How do you use Bitcoin if the power goes out?

Seems like if you're seriously investing in crytocurrencies of any kind, that's a tacit admission that you don't seriously expect any sort of SHTF scenario to occur. Otherwise how are you going to verify blockchains or whatever? What's the paper ledger backup system for that kind of thing?
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How do you use bitcoin without a PC or electronic device of some kind?

If i wanted to make a transaction without it being monitored, i don't see how bitcoin can do this considering the device i use to make the transactions is likely insecure and can be hacked. Sure, bitcoin can be anonymous, but if you always have to use an electric device and the internet to make a transaction, how is this not going to be watched by the government?
Legit question from someone who doesn't see the value in an all digital currency.
In a nutshell, how does one go about using it without tying in some form of electronic device? How do you use it for small personal transactions between friends?
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Part 1: How do you use Bitcoin Cash

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How do you use Bitcoin more as a currency? /r/Bitcoin

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How do you use bitcoin? /r/BitcoinBeginners

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How do you use Bitcoin? /r/Bitcoin

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How do you use bitcoin in spaaaaaaaaaace?

Say you and a great number of other humans were leaving earth on a colony ship and because you are traveling in an inter-dimensional subspace rift, are going to be out of communications with earth. Is there a way to run a subset of the bitcoin blockchain on this ship? I envision the space traveling community transacting as you normally would, but when contact is reestablished with earth, the blockchain resyncs or is updated with the transactions made on the ship.
My thought is that it would have to be all off-chain transactions where there is a trusted third party for the duration of the trip. I really don't like this idea and am hoping there is a better alternative.
edit: I should have put [serious] in the title.
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"Nokia feature phone": How do you use Bitcoin with them?

I'm in North America and use a smart phone. I've heard Andreas Antonopoulus refer to the "unbanked" around the world being able to use "Nokia feature phones" to do Bitcoin transactions. How does this work? Does it rely on a third party service to conduct the transactions on their behalf? Could we use the same system in NA for those without smartphones?
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Quick survey for a school project: How do you use bitcoin?

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How do you use Bitcoin to buy online anonymously when you have your name on the address and it's getting sent to your house? /r/Bitcoin

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How do you use bitcoin? /r/btc

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"Nokia feature phone": How do you use Bitcoin with them? /r/Bitcoin

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How to Use a Bitcoin ATM - YouTube How to buy Bitcoin for Beginners - YouTube HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2019 - Easy Ways to Invest In ... HOW TO BUY BITCOIN - Step-by-Step - How to Buy Bitcoin ... Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners 💰 - YouTube

Free bitcoin wallets are available for all major operating systems and devices to serve a variety of your needs. For example, you can install an app on your mobile device for everyday use or you can have a wallet only for online payments on your computer. In any case, choosing a wallet is easy and can be done in minutes. If you’re new to the world of bitcoin investing, you may have some questions about the bitcoin mining process. This article will answer those questions. Can I Use Bitcoin As Collateral For A Loan? Some people are hoping to use Bitcoin as collateral for a loan. Find out more about the specialized lenders who may be opening the door to this ... Many websites also allow you to use Bitcoin to buy subscriptions or premium services. The online dating site OkCupid accepts Bitcoin payment. You can also subscribe to Bloomberg, the Chicago Sun-Times, and other online newspapers. If you have a blog on WordPress, you can use Bitcoin to pay for additional services and blog options. Coinbase charges users a 1% fee when buying bitcoins from a U.S. bank account, but that comes with a $0.15 minimum per purchase. Once you click the “Buy Bitcoin” button, they will arrive in your wallet in a matter of minutes if you have instant buys enabled. Instant buys can ONLY be done with a credit or debit card, not a bank account. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that gained recognition after its price-per-coin rose above $13,000 in early 2018. The cryptocurrency (one of many) is at the center of a complex intersection of privacy, banking regulations, and technological innovation. Today, some retailers accept bitcoin, while in other jurisdictions, bitcoin is illegal.

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How to Use a Bitcoin ATM - YouTube

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